Specialty Welded Mesh Products

Specialty Welded Wire Mesh Products

Slit Coil Wire Mesh

Dorstener Wire Tech offers custom welded mesh products for applications requiring extraordinary strength, reinforcement, specialty shapes or non-standard openings. We provide custom solutions to all industries, including the safety, security, foodservice, architectural and construction industries.

DWT’s specialty welded wire mesh configurations include:

Flex Net (Cable) - Welded mesh that utilizes cables in place of solid wires. This provides excellent flexibility and has many applications for safety and security products.

flex net (cable) welded mesh

Flex Net (Rigid Belt) - Welded mesh that utilizes a cable in one direction and a flat in the other. This type of mesh is used to increase the strength of concrete and help with repair of concrete pilings.

flex net (rigid belt) welded mesh

Flat Top Welded Mesh - This is welded mesh that utilizes specialty-shaped or dropped wires to produce a custom mesh, or a specialty-shaped end product. Applications include drainage screens, trays, baskets and architectural applications.

flat top welded mesh

Non-Standard Openings - DWT manufactures a wide range of height aspect ratio weld mesh products. This type of construction is often used when a client requires a high percent of open area in the mesh. Dorstener is able to produce welded mesh with up to 90% open.

non-standard opening welded mesh

Custom shapes - Our welded wire mesh products can be manufactured in roll, sheets and as round, square, rectangular or special shapes.

Extra long and extra wide rolls - Dorstener Wire’s welded wire mesh is available in extra long and extra wide rolls to provide you with the most effective material configuration for your application.

Wide selection of alloys - We offer a wide selection of stainless steel, nickel, copper brass, exotic metals and specialty alloys. Our staff will work with you to select the best material for your product. We provide alloy verification services to validate that the alloy selected meets your requirements.

Specialty Welded Mesh Conversion Services

All products can be manufactured using DFAR and non-DFAR compliant materials. We offer a full range of conversions services to finish the welded wire mesh. These include:

We offer a full range of conversions services to finish the welded wire mesh. These include:

We also provide inspection services.

DWT’s expert staff is available to assist you in the design and material selection for the welded wire mesh product that will meet your exact requirements and be within your budget. Our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ensuring that the high quality of your welded wire mesh product. To learn more about Dorstener's wide range of specialty welded mesh products, contact us today.

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