Specialty Alloy Welded Wire Mesh

Specialty Alloy Welded Wire Mesh

Dorstener Wire Tech offers a full line of specialty alloy welded wire mesh products for applications ranging from simple baskets to turbine inlet screens. Our expert staff is available to assist you in selecting the most effective specialty alloy for your welded wire mesh product.

specialty alloy welded wire mesh turbine screen

The standard specialty alloy options for DWT’s welded wire mesh are:

Other alloys as well as stainless steel wire mesh are available for custom applications. DWT offers alloy verification services to determine whether the alloy selected meets your requirements.

All products can be manufactured using DFAR and non-DFAR compliant materials.

Specialty Alloy Welded Wire Mesh Configurations

DWT’s welded wire mesh products are offered with the following configurations:

We offer a full suite of conversion services including:

Dorstener’s expert staff will work with you to design and manufacture the welded wire mesh product that will meet your requirements and budget. All our high quality welded mesh products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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