Plain Dutch Weave & Twill Dutch Weave

Plain Dutch Weave & Twill Dutch Weave Wire Cloth

DWT manufactures custom wire cloth to meet clients’ filtration needs. Dutch weave filter mesh provides superior filtration capabilities for a wide range of applications, including pressure, fuel and liquid filters for the aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining and waste water treatment industries.

Plain Dutch Weave wire cloth

Plain Dutch weave wire cloth is woven using two sizes of wire. Smaller wires, as small as micron size, are used in the shute direction and are woven with a larger warp wire. The smaller wires are woven tightly together, providing a tight mesh for filtering. The larger wire provides strength to the mesh. The primary uses of this wire cloth are filtration and separation of liquid and slurry products.

Twill Dutch Weave wire cloth

Twill Dutch weave wire cloth combines Dutch and twill weaving to provide a fine mesh filtering cloth. Shute wires are passed over and under two warp wires, providing a tight, fine filter with tapered openings. The weaving process allows for the use of very fine wires, to micron size, producing filtering mesh for gas and liquid applications.

Dorstener Wire offers custom wire configurations for wire cloth to meet the specific needs of its clients. For Dutch weaves micron-grade wire is most commonly used. In addition, DWT has the capability to manufacture:

We offer a wide range of metals and alloys to provide the best material or combination of materials for the filter mesh.

A full range of conversion services are available. These include slitting and shearing, annealing and stretching. DWT can also provide information on the filtration performance of the mesh to ensure it meets product requirements.

Dorstener Plain Dutch and Twill Dutch weave wire cloth products are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ASTM standards. Most are available in DFARS-compliant materials. DWT will also manufacture to ISO, DIN and client requirements. Our expert staff is available to help you select or design the most effective wire cloth product for your application. Contact us today to learn more.

Plain Dutch Weave & Twill Dutch Weave Wire Cloth Specifications

The table below shows the standard specifications for DWT’s Plain Dutch and Twill Dutch weave wire cloth.

Weave Type Mesh Count Warp Wire
in Inches
Shute Wire
in Inches
Micron Rating
Micron Rating
Per 100 sq.'
PDW 8x20 0.014 0.0126 330-350  280   49
PDW 12x64 0.024 0.0165 270-290  200   84
PDW 14x88 0.02 0.013 220-240  150   75
PDW 16x80 0.0169 0.0134 225-235  140   79
PDW 24x110 0.015 0.01 115-125  80   55
PDW - Twin Warp 24x128 2 x .010 0.004 110-120  75   34
PDW 30x150 0.009 0.007 110-112  63   33
PDW - Twin Warp 30x150 2 x .009 .007" 95-113  60   33
PDW 40x200 0.007 0.0055 70-75  55   27
PDW 50x250 0.0055 0.0045 58-63  40   22
PDW 80x400 0.005 0.003 40-45  35   17
TDW 30x250 0.01 0.008 110-120  53   66
TDW 80x700 0.004 0.003 35-40  25   25
TDW 120x400 0.004 0.0025 50-55  40   15
TDW 165x800 0.0028 0.002 25-28  15   14
TDW 200x600 0.0024 0.0018 30  20   10
TDW 165x1400 0.0028 0.0016 16-20  10   14
TDW 200x1400 0.0028 0.0016 12-14   5   15
TDW 325x2300 0.0014 0.001 8-9   2   10
TDW 400x2800 0.001 0.0008 6-7   1   8

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