Hot Gas Filtration Elements

Hot Gas Filtration Elements

custom gas filters

Dorstener Wire Tech produces a wide range of woven wire mesh and welded wire products ideally suited for hot gas filtration applications.

Just like their fossil fuel cousins, alternative fuels need filtration. Many of these fuels require high temperature processing, resulting in the necessity for special metals, media and finishing to handle the harsh processing environment. DWT has the expertise and products to manufacture wire filtering products for this new demanding market.

Common applications in this new market include wire cloth filter elements for biofuel processing and power generation, spark arresting screens, catalyst recovery media, heat diffusers and cleaning filters for gases released during chemical processing.

Woven Wire Cloth Benefits

Woven wire cloth provides the following benefits for the hot gas filtration market.

Our staff is available to help you in selecting the materials and most effective weave for your hot gas application. Our goal is to provide you with woven wire cloth that meets all your requirements, is production-ready and meets your budget.

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