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Diffusion Bonded / Sintered Wire Cloth

sintered wire mesh

Dorstener Wire Tech offers a full line of diffusion bonded wire cloth products under the brand SinterPore™.

Sheet Sintering or true diffusion bonding, or sintering, is a process that utilizes time, temperature, pressure and atmosphere to realign and permanently bond the molecular elements of the alloy where they intersect or touch each other. This product is available in single or multiple layer construction. The process produces a stable, secure mesh that can be used for filtering and high pressure applications.

Coil Sintering or is a process that utilizes time, temperature, and atmosphere to secure or stick intersection wires. The process produces a stable, secure mesh that is ideal for deep drawing and reducing the risk of loose edges wires. This product is only available in single layer options.

SinterPoreā„¢ Sintered Wire Mesh

SinterPore™ sintered wire mesh provides many additional benefits when compared to traditional wire cloth.

SinterPore™ sintered wire mesh is available in a wide range of micron ratings, mechanical properties and alloys. The standard product is available in 24” x 48” sheets of 316Lss stainless steel. We offer three standard series of SinterPore™. Our SLS Series, MLS Series and CLS Series of sintered wire cloth provide a selection of layering configurations. In addition to our standard products, we offer custom weaves, a wide range of alloys and materials and layering configurations to provide you with a product that meets your exact specifications.

SLS (Single Layer Laminate) Series – Ensures that all warp and shute wires are locked securely. It also allows for easy in deep drawing and forming.

MLS (Multiple Layer Laminates) Series – Ranging from 2 layers to more than 25 individual layers of wire cloth bonded to from a unique integrated structure.

CLS (Custom Design Laminates) –This series of material utilizes woven mesh, perforated steel, and foils to form hybrid materials that are light weight and flexible.

DWT can supply finished filter elements, custom shapes, weld rings and end fittings for your part, providing you with production-ready mesh for your operations.

Dorstener is ISO 9001 certified, and all our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our staff is available to help you select the diffusion bonded wire cloth, filter element or custom shape for your application. Contact us today!

Sintered & Diffusion Bonded Products

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