Diffusion Bonded Sheets

Diffusion Bonded Sheets

Diffusion Bonding of Wire Cloth utilized heat and temperature to produce a monolithic structure and permanently bonds all intersections of the weave. It can also but utilized to bond multiple layers of wire cloth. Once the wire cloth is sintered is has great workability and strength.

Diffusion Bonded Sheets Options

SL Series is our single layer diffusion bonded materials. Available in a wide range of alloys and all weave patterns.  Panel sizes up to 48" x 48". 

ML Series is our multiple layer sintered wire cloth. This product normally consists of 3-5 layers of mesh and are available in 316Lss ranging from 3-100 micron.

CL Series is a custom sinter mesh lay up. Many applications require specific designs and filtration properties that are not available in standard laminate designs. DWT can help design sintered wire cloth panels and filters. We offer custom woven mesh that can be utilized to construct a sintered laminate that provides you the best flow and filtration properties. A custom sintered laminate can also be designed to substantially increase mechanical strength.

diffusion bonded wire cloth sheets

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