Custom Wire Mesh Frames, Coatings and Accessories

custom steel wire mesh frames

Dorstener Wire Tech is committed to providing you with your wire cloth and welded wire mesh product ready for production at your plant. We offer a wide range of post-processing services to finish the wire mesh and cloth and ensure it is ready for your production line. These services include the following.

Specialty coating services for Wire Cloth – Dorstener offers Teflon® and epoxy coating services for wire mesh products. Teflon® coatings provide additional strength to the mesh as well as protecting the mesh from contaminants during use. Epoxy coatings add stability to small diameter wire mesh products to improve their performance. These coatings are used mainly for filters and screens.

Dorstener’s experienced staff will work with you to determine the most effective post-production services for your wire mesh and welded wire cloth products. Our goal is to deliver your product ready for your production process, within budget.

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