Extruder Screens & Polymer Filters

Extruder Screens & Polymer Filters

Extruder screens and polymer filters are just two of the varieties of filtration products offered by Dorstener Wire. Polymer and fiber processing requires a wide range of filters and filter media for processing, finishing and recycling the materials. Dorstener Wire Tech has over 15 years experience in manufacturing screens and screen packs for the polymer and fiber industries. We offer standard and custom products, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industry. All our screens are produced and shipped from our Spring, Texas location, ensuring on-time delivery for your production schedule.

Our product line includes wire cloth and wire mesh screens for plastic recycling processing, virgin plastic production and blown film applications. In addition, we manufacture spin pack screens and gaskets for synthetic fiber production.

Extruder Screens & Polymer Filters Product Options

Our screens are designed to fit a wide range of screen changers and belt-type filters. DWT’s products include:

Ultrasonic cleaning is available for all parts and parts are available in stainless steel and carbon steel alloys.

DWT is committed to meeting your production deadlines, and ensuring that any downtown due to maintenance of your processing machinery is minimized. We have extensive tooling, including punch discs and fabricating machinery, which allows us to reach quickly to your project requirements. We will work with you to schedule the manufacture of your screens to meet your production schedule.

Dorstener is ISO 9001 certified and all our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our staff is available to help you select or design the polymer extruder and filtration screen that will meet your requirements, schedule and budget.

Polymer Filtration Products

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