Filtration Products

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filters

stainless wire mesh filters

Dorstener Wire Tech manufactures custom high-performance filters and filtration products for all industries such as wire mesh filters, wire cloth filters, and material-specific filters like stainless steel mesh filters. Using our high-quality wire cloth, welded wire mesh, annealed and diffusion bonded wire mesh; we offer stamping, fabricating and finishing services to manufacture production-ready filters for your applications.

Custom Wire Filters

DWT specializes in the design and manufacture of custom filters for the polymer, petrochemical, power generation and oil and gas industries. Our staff will work with you to manufacture a filter that meets your specific application requirements.

Some specialty filters we offer are:


custom woven mesh filters

Dorstener Wire Tech’s expert staff can design a high-performance filter element for you using our wire cloth, welded wire mesh and diffusion bonded mesh. We can fabricate, stamp and finish the element to meet your exact requirements. We have nickel-based alloys available for use in manufacture and can use custom alloys if needed. All our mesh products can be made using DFAR and non-DFAR raw materials.

Dorstener is ISO 9001 certified, and our products can be manufactured to meet ASTM and industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about our custom filtration solutions.

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