Annealed Wire Cloth & Welded Mesh

Annealing is a special processing for wire cloth that produces a product that can be more easily fabricated and shaped, and increases the quality of the end product. Dorstener Wire Tech provides annealed and soft sintered (coil sintered) woven wire cloth for applications that require special shapes or processing.

Annealing changes the properties of the wire cloth, allowing it to be stretched without tearing and stabilizing it after cold working. The mesh has a memory after weaving. Annealing provides for easier fabrication and shaping when deep drawing or pleating wire cloth materials.

Annealed wire cloth can be:

DWT can anneal mesh in coils, full rolls and in panels.

Coil Sintered Wire Cloth also known as Soft Sinter Wire Cloth

Soft sintering, or coil sintering, aids in bonding the individual wires. This helps to eliminating loose wires during stamping or forming process. The bonds at wire intersections are very light surface bonds, producing a soft material that can be easily formed and shaped. While the bonds can break under pressure, they are normally strong enough to hold during forming.  Please note this process is not true diffusion bonding of the material.  If you require 100% bonding on the material DWT provides this in in flat sheets (24” x 48”)utilizing a proprietary diffusion bonding process.    

Soft Sintered  / Coil Sintered Wire Cloth Applications

Dorstener is ISO 9001 certified, and all our products are manufactured to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our staff is available to help you select the annealed or soft sintered wire mesh product that will meet your needs and your budget.

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