Stitching & Stapling Wire

Stitching & Stapling Wire

Stitching Wire

Dorstener Wire Tech manufactures a full line of stitching and stapling wire for the commercial printing, binding and packaging industries. Committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of wire to meet their specific binding and packaging requirements, DWT has two primary grades of stitching and staple wire.

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POWERBIND® Stapling & Stitching Wire

The POWERBIND® line of stitching wire and stapling wire was developed for high-end bindery performance. Our unique manufacturing process produces a thinner round wire that can handle the demands of high speed binding operations. The benefits of POWERBIND® stapling wire and stitching wire include:


CLASSICBIND® Stitching Wire

The CLASSICBIND® line of binding wire includes both flat and round stitching wire and is a standard, market-grade wire. DWT stocks a full range of CLASSICBIND® products for standard and specialty applications. Benefits include:


DWT’s stitching and stapling wire is generally shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed, allowing customers to effectively manage their inventory and production runs.

Our expert staff is available to help you select the most effective stapling and stitching wire for your specific application, whether you are selecting from our standard wire inventory or need a custom wire manufactured.

All stitching and bookbinding wire manufactured by DWT is CPSIA lead compliant and is manufactured using ISO 9001 standards. Contact one of our experienced representatives today for more information about our stitching and stapling wire.

Stitching & Stapling Wire Spool Sizes:

Spool Size in LBS Flange Dia. "A" Traverse Outside "B" Barrel Dia. "C" Arbor Hole Dia. Spool Material
5 5.25" 2.75" 3.50" .625" Plastic
10 6.00" 3.50" 3.50" .625" Plastic
35 11.81" 4.02" 8.27" 2.05" Plastic
40 7.87" 7.09" 4.33" 1.26" Plastic
70 10.00" 6.00" 5.50" 1.25" Plastic
200 13.98" 13.98" 8.58" 5.00" Plastic
1000 25.20" 23.03" 13.78" 3.15" Wooden
2000 40.94" 16.73" 25.20" 3.31" Wooden

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