Sand Screens & Filter Elements

Sand Screens & Filter Elements

DWT has supplied wire cloth and drainage screen products for the oil and gas industry for more than 15 years. Today we offer a wide range of filtration and drainage screen cartridges. Our traceability and quality system insures you receive the proper documentation with your wire sand screens, sand screen mesh, and custom wire mesh filtration products each and every order.

Wire Mesh Filtration Products

Premium Diffusion Bonded Sand Screen Cartridges:

wire sand screens

DWT produces a full range of micron ratings from 75 to 800.  Diffusion bonded cartridges offer several advantages to standard wedge wire or single layer mesh filtration. Lower Pressure Drop,  Controlled Pore Size, More open area and a high degree of flexibility and strength can designed into this type of cartridge.  This technology has been proven to be the true premium sand screen element.  Cartridges are available in 316Lss and Alloy 20.  Available in all diameters from 1" and up and in lengths up to 20' long.

custom wire mesh filter elements

Through Tube Diffusion Bonded Cartridges:

DWT Through Tube products have all the same properties and construction as our premium cartridges. Our standard micron rating is 125, but others are available upon request. Available in sizes from 1"- 4" diameter.

Single Layer Premium mesh products for sand screen applications:

wire sand screens sand screens

We can help maximize the performance of your singles layer cartridges. Available in length up to 20' long and in 316Lss, Alloy 20, and Inconel 825. We offer several weave patterns that can enhance bridging characteristics and improve strength. Let us help design your next Reverse Dutch Twill Weave, Twill Dutch Weave or Height Aspect Ratio Screening media. Available in cylinders and panels.

Drainage Screen:

DWT can supply a wide range of drainage screen products to help improve lateral flow and increase burst and collapse ratings. Available in 316Lss, Alloy 20, and Inconel 825.

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